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Monthly Networking Drinks

Hosted By the Financial Services Committee

Nov 2, 2015 (Mon) - 6:30pm

An American Outlook on the U.S. and China

John E. Silvia, Ph. D.
Managing Director, Chief Economist, Wells Fargo Securities, LLC, Wells Fargo & Company

Hosted By the Financial Services Committee

Nov 3, 2015 (Tue) - 8:00am

Air Quality Hong Kong – status update and what needs to be done next?

Prof. Alexis Lau, Director, Atmospheric Research Center, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Hosted By the Environment Committee

Nov 3, 2015 (Tue) - 12:00pm

Update on Global Shipping Reform

Richard A. Lidinsky, Jr.
Commissioner, Federal Maritime Commission

Hosted By the Transportation & Logistics Committee

Nov 4, 2015 (Wed) - 8:00am

Office Feng Shui

Susanne Schutz, Founder & Managing Director, Suzhong Consulting Limited

Hosted By the Real Estate Committee

Nov 4, 2015 (Wed) - 12:00pm

Expert Series: Trajectory of the Chinese economy – will the fundamentals of growth save the day?

Dr. Nicholas R. Lardy
Anthony M. Solomon Senior Fellow, Peterson Institute for International Economics

Hosted By the China Business Committee

Nov 5, 2015 (Thu) - 12:00pm

AmCham 12th Annual Women of Influence Conference & Awards - Evolution or Revolution: how will you succeed and excel at work in 2030?

*Ronald Lee, Managing Director, Goldman Sachs (Asia) LLC (Opening Keynote)
*Deborah Kan, New Media Entrepreneur (Luncheon Keynote)

Hosted By the Women of Influence Committee

Nov 6, 2015 (Fri) - 8:00am

Hong Kong Property Without Tears

Christopher Dillon, author of the Landed series of real estate books

Hosted By the Real Estate Committee

Nov 9, 2015 (Mon) - 12:00pm

Is London still the best place to invest in the UK?

Robert Pearce, Director, Blackfish

Hosted By the Real Estate Committee

Nov 10, 2015 (Tue) - 8:00am

Supply Chain Panel - What is Hong Kong’s evolving role in regional sourcing?

*Anthony Sutcliffe, Managing Director, Home Retail Group (Asia) Limited
*Colin Browne, Vice President & Managing Director of Asia Sourcing, VF Corporation
*Dominic Jephcott, CEO, Vendigital Ltd
*Pansy Yau, Deputy Director of Research, HKTDC

Hosted By the Apparel & Footwear Committee

Nov 10, 2015 (Tue) - 8:00am

Cyber Security Law in China, a comparison with the U.S. and what does it mean to businesses operating in China

Ronald Cheng, Partner, O'Melveny & Myers LLP

Hosted By the Law Committee

Nov 10, 2015 (Tue) - 12:00pm

10 Top Tips for How to Use LinkedIn (and some for what not to do)

Chris J. Reed
Global CEO and Founder, Black Marketing Global and Asia Pacific Office

Hosted By the Communications & Marketing Committee

Nov 11, 2015 (Wed) - 12:00pm

Founding and growing a successful hyper-growth business

Greg Patti, former VP International Finance, GoPro

Hosted By the Entrepreneurs/SME Committee

Nov 12, 2015 (Thu) - 12:00pm

E-Commerce, Online Shopping and Delivering in the Digital Age

Karen Reddington, President, FedEx Express Asia Pacific

Hosted By the Transportation & Logistics Committee

Nov 12, 2015 (Thu) - 12:30pm

Evasion vs. Avoidance

Edward Ng, Attaché-IRS Criminal Investigation Division, US Consulate General Hong Kong

Hosted By the Taxation Committee

Nov 12, 2015 (Thu) - 4:00pm

60th InterCham Young Professionals Cocktail

Nov 12, 2015 (Thu) - 6:00pm

Presentation by the Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications

* Dorte Kristoffersen, Executive Director, Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic & Vocational Qualifications
* Andrew Ho, Head and Registrar, Qualifications Assessment, Hong Kong Council of Academic & Vocational Qualifications

Hosted By the Education Committee

Nov 13, 2015 (Fri) - 8:00am

HKSAR Government Series: The Legal Landscape of Hong Kong: An Update

The Hon. Rimsky Yuen Kwok-keung, SC, Secretary for Justice, The Government of the Hong Kong SAR

Hosted By the Law Committee

Nov 13, 2015 (Fri) - 11:45am

Breakfast & Learn Workshop: Extracurricular Activities for University Admissions – Less is More

Mark A. Montgomery, Ph.D., President, American Academic Advisors

Nov 16, 2015 (Mon) - 8:00am

Smart Grid, Smart City - A journey to a sustainable city

Wayne Pales
Head of Smart Grid Program, CLP Power Hong Kong

Hosted By the Energy Committee

Nov 16, 2015 (Mon) - 12:00pm

AmCham Human Resources Committee Meeting (AmCham Members Only)

Hosted By the Human Resources Committee

Nov 17, 2015 (Tue) - 8:00am

Climate Change – The Road to COP in Paris

Dr. Jeanne Chi Yun Ng, PhD, Director – Group Sustainability, CLP Power Hong Kong Limited

Hosted By the Environment Committee

Nov 17, 2015 (Tue) - 12:00pm

Party Plenums, 5 Year Plans and the New Normal for Foreign Business in China

James McGregor
Greater China Chairman, APCO Worldwide, China

Hosted By the China Business Committee

Nov 18, 2015 (Wed) - 8:00am

Lunch & Learn Workshop: Finding your authentic professional voice

David Pope, Executive Voice coach, All Voice Talent Ltd

Nov 18, 2015 (Wed) - 12:00pm

Patent trolls: the trends and how to defend against them

*Christopher Kao, Partner, Vinson & Elkins LLP
*Karen Cheung, Senior Business Development Manager, Orangefield

Hosted By the Information & Communication Technology Committee

Nov 19, 2015 (Thu) - 8:00am

AmCham Apparel & Footwear Committee Meeting (AmCham Members only)

Hosted By the Apparel & Footwear Committee

Nov 19, 2015 (Thu) - 8:00am

Estate and Related Tax Planning for American Expatriates in Hong Kong

*Jessica Cutrera, Founder, Managing Director, Head of Operations & Compliance, EXS Capital
*Carlo Gray, Partner, Buzzacott
*Ellen Tong, Tax Director, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu

Hosted By the Taxation Committee

Nov 19, 2015 (Thu) - 4:00pm

China’s New Normal: How Far, How Deep, and What Sort of Impact?

Brent Carlson, Director, AlixPartners Hong Kong Limited

Hosted By the Law Committee

Nov 20, 2015 (Fri) - 4:00pm

The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement - What does it mean to American companies’ businesses and disputes in the Asia Pacific?

*Chiann Bao, Secretary-General, Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre
*Romesh Weeramantry, Foreign Legal Consultant, Clifford Chance

Hosted By the Law Committee

Nov 23, 2015 (Mon) - 12:00pm

What you need to know about Hong Kong’s Hospitals: A patient's perspective

Shalini Mahtani, MBE, Chairperson, The Zubin Foundation

Hosted By the Insurance & Healthcare Committee

Nov 24, 2015 (Tue) - 12:00pm

The Rise of FinTech and its Impact on the Financial Services Industry in Hong Kong and Asia

* Janos Barberis, Founder,
* James Lloyd, Head of Strategy and Corporate Development, AMP Credit Technologies
* Lawrence Morgan, Chief Operating Officer, NEST Hong Kong
* Alister Musgrave, Managing Director and Founder,
* Henri Arslanian, Head of Corporate Development and Strategic Partnerships, APrivacy (Moderator)

Hosted By the Financial Services Committee

Nov 24, 2015 (Tue) - 6:30pm

APEC business gets “inclusive”: the Philippines puts a distinctive stamp on 2015 – and sets the scene for Peru’s 2016 chairmanship

David Dodwell
Executive Director, the Hong Kong-APEC Trade Policy Group and
Chief Executive, Strategic Access Limited

Hosted By the Trade & Investment Committee

Nov 25, 2015 (Wed) - 8:00am

China's Connected Consumers - When 10,000 Chinese shop... Insights from a 2015 survey

Anson Bailey
Principal, Business Development, KPMG China

Hosted By the Communications & Marketing Committee

Nov 25, 2015 (Wed) - 12:00pm

Annual Thanksgiving Luncheon 2015


Nov 26, 2015 (Thu) - 12:00pm

Wealth and Succession Planning - Series II

* Alfred Ip, Partner, Oldham, Li & Nie
* Scherzade Burden, Registered Foreign Lawyer, Private Client Group, Oldham, Li & Nie

Hosted By the Law Committee

Nov 27, 2015 (Fri) - 12:00pm

Lunch & Learn Workshop: Successfully Selling Your Ideas: If You Can't Sell, You Can't Win!

David Goldsmith, President, Goldsmith Organization, LLC.; Author of the best selling book "Paid to THINK: A Leader’s Toolkit for Redefining Your Future"

Nov 30, 2015 (Mon) - 12:00pm

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  1. Special Member Benefits

    Count on us for your Thanksgiving gathering at home with a lineup of festive gourmets that are available at Cake Shop. Exclusive offers for AmCham Members: Enjoy 15% off for the Thanksgiving Delicacies from Cake Shop (available from now until November 28) Enjoy 15% off on food and beverage consumpt

  2. Special Member Benefits (Exclusive Details)

    Count on us for your Thanksgiving gathering at home with a lineup of festive gourmets that are available at Cake Shop. Exclusive offers for AmCham Members: Enjoy 15% off for the Thanksgiving Delicacies from Cake Shop (available from now until November 28) Enjoy 15% off on food and beverage consumpt

  3. Leadership Forum Members

    Leadership Forum / Leadership Forum Plus is the most premium membership category in AmCham – a 6-member package, provides the highest visibility to an organization, including company logo display at all AmCham events (400+ a year with over 8000 attendees) and full exposure on AmCham homepage as we

  4. Women of Influence 2015

    The way that the Hong Kong media stereotypes women as home-makers and in more passive roles, combined with institutional glass ceilings and persistent old boys' networks, may also explain the leadership ambition gender gap and the under-representation of women in senior roles and boardrooms across

  5. Human Resources Conference 2015

    Human Capital Conference review 2014 2012 2011 2010 Date: Friday, December 4, 2015 Time: 8:00am - 2:15pm Venue: Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong Grand Ballroom, Level 2 8 Finance Street, Central Registration Here Sponsorship Opportunities(Special rate available to AmCham members) Full Sponsorship Packa

  6. Intellectual Property

    Intellectual Property fosters a greater awareness of the importance of intellectual property rights as a means of driving innovation and broader economic growth, and encourages the development of sound public policies relating to the protection of IPR in Hong Kong and the greater China. Committee C

  7. Real Estate

    Real Estate Committeeeducates AmCham members on all relevant issues faced by resident and commercial real estate users in both Hong Kong and Mainland China through publications, programs and events on a variety of real-estate related topics. The committee's mission is to inform, stimulate and provi

  8. Financial Services

    Financial Services offers input to regulators and legislators on issues, proposals and pending legislation, and sponsors speaker programs to increase members’ awareness of key financial issues and developments in Hong Kong, China, the region and other key markets. The goal of the committee is to

  9. advertisement

    Advertising with The American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong allows you to communicate to the people who mean business in Hong Kong, US and mainland China. We provide a variety of advertising options including our monthly magazine, our annual Members Directory and Living in Hong Kong - the

  10. China Business

    China Businessworks to enhance trade between the US and the PRC, using Hong Kong as a gateway. TheCommittee holds events and initiates activities that focus on doing business in China; it also maintains liaisons with Chinese business and government organizations. Publications: China Business Direct

  11. Apparel & Footwear

    Apparel Footwear Committeemonitors data, exchanges views, and disseminates information on regulations, legislation and negotiations that affect Hong Kong's textile and apparel industries. Committee Chair:CoocfffffCommittee Chair: Mark Green Executive Vice President,Global Supply Chain PVH Far East

  12. Transportation & Logistics

    The Transportation Logistics Committee (TLC) provides relevant information and networking opportunities which allows members to be better engaged with the industry, its current issues and market developments. The TLC also supports the wider Chamber’s advocacy role on issues that are important to

  13. Environment

    Environmentidentifies needs and evaluates issues; encourages members to pursue opportunities to benefit and improve the environment. It also aims to promote the interests of AmCham and its member companies and raise awareness of environmental issues affecting business and quality of life in Hong Ko

  14. Energy

    Energy Committee provides a platform for AmCham members to share information and exchange views about energy issues, stay abreast of industry trends and developments, and network with other industry players. The committee will enhance the energy knowledge of AmCham members through monthly meetings,

  15. Women of Influence

    The Women of InfluenceCommitteepromotes professional women’s leadership and aims to help close the gender gap in the workplace in Hong Kong and Greater China. WOI programs strive to increase the participation of women in the leadership in their organizations and in AmCham by involving them as par

  16. Board of Governors 2015

    Chairman Peter Levesque Chief Commercial Officer Modern Terminals Ltd Vice Chairman Walter Dias Managing Director - Greater China Korea United Airlines Ex-Officio Governor James Sun Managing Director Charles Schwab, Hong Kong, Ltd. President Richard R. Vuylsteke The American Chamber of Commerce in

  17. New To Hong Kong

    AmCham's Living in Hong Kong is your great resource! For advertising opportunities: Regina Leung Advertising Sales Manager (852) 2530 6942 Useful links: Wine and Dine Conrad Hong Kong Moving to Hong Kong APP Mobility Getting Settled and Accommodations Hong Kong Gold Coast Resid

  18. Annual Program

    The AmCham Charitable Foundation Prize Book Awards Introduced in 1986, this is an annual educational incentive scheme involving 21 Hong Kong secondary schools and colleges. A prize book and check for HK$1,000 is awarded to students in the next to graduating class who combine excellence in scholarsh

  19. Activities & Delegations

    AmCham Event in China in Hong Kong in Macau Last Updated on Aug 13, 2015 Date日期 Topic主題 Venue 地點 Medium 語言 Info 資訊 Oct 15 (Thurs) /Oct 26 (Mon) /Nov 2 (Mon)' 2015 Buyer Visit Tour to the 118th Session of Canton Fair (Free of Charge) Guangzhou Chinese Sep 6-9 (Sun-Wed)' 2015 AmCh

  20. China Resources & Links

    Useful China Links Another web portal with web guides to business, travel, social life, and culture of the Greater China region. Articles range from advice for real-estate speculators to reviews on not so common travel destinations. Serves customizable region-specific content - for users

  21. Media Coverage

    August 2015 Khmer Times, Investment if Garment Industry Gets its Act Together, Delegation says (Aug 10, 2015) The Cambodia Daily, Union Law Worries Garment Sector Investors From Hong Kong (Aug 11, 2015) June 2015 CUHK CONNECT, Unleashing Qianhai's Full Potentials(June,2015) CCTV, Richard Vuylsteke,

  22. Pharmaceutical

    Pharmaceutical committeefocuses on regulatory advocacy issues, value of medicines, counterfeit medicine, access of innovating medicine in Hong Kong and other relevant industry topics. Committee Chair: Joyce Wong General Manager, Hong Kong, Macau Eli Lilly Asia, Inc Committee Vice-Chair: Stephen Leu

  23. LHK14

    AmCham's Living in Hong Kong is a great resource!. The following companies have arranged for links to their websites. For advertising opportunities, please contact Ms Regina Leung, Advertising Sales Manager / 2530 6942 Wine and Dine Conrad Hong Kong Moving To Hong Kong Asian Ti

  24. Living in Hong Kong Links

    The following companies have arranged for links to their websites. For advertising opportunities, please contact Ms Regina Leung, Advertising Sales Manager,,2530 6942. Wine and Dine Golden Gate Wine Co Ltd Hotel de EDGE by Rhombus Hotel LKF by Rhombus Hotel Panorama by Rhombus N

  25. Time Fortune

    From now until 31 October 2014, AmCham HK members are eligible for the following special offers: 54 issues of TIME for HK$12.8 per issue, and 20 issues of Fortune for HK$31.1 per issue Your All Access subscription includes: • The print magazine delivered to your home or office • The iPad® edit

  26. How to Register Jobs Online

    For Employer (AmCham Member Companies) Just click the “Jobs Online” link which will be on the top menu of our homepage under Membership at Create a new account by clicking the blue button “Employers - Post Jobs.” on the top right side and click “Register” below

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    This means that you may download and save one copy of posted materials on a single computer for personal, non-commercial home use only, so long as you neither change nor delete any author attribution, trademark, service mark, or copyright notice. You may not modify, copy, publish, sell, display, tr

  28. Help the Victims Affected by the China Snowstorms

      AmCham is encouraged to see the rapid response by the Hong Kong community and the Government's commitment in providing aid to provinces and municipalities in Mainland China that are greatly affected by the snowstorms. As of February 3rd, the Government's Disaster Relief Fund has approved six gran