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Analytics: Solving difficult business challenges using your organizations data

* Jez Heath, Partner, Deloitte Consulting
* Robert Rady-Pentek, Associate Director, Deloitte Consulting

Hosted By the Apparel & Footwear Committee

Jun 1, 2015 (Mon) - 8:00am

Breakfast & Learn Workshop: One Application, 8 Ivy League Schools and other Top Universities

Mark A. Montgomery, Ph.D., President, American Academic Advisors

Jun 2, 2015 (Tue) - 8:00am

Breakfast & Learn Workshop: Organizational Change Through “Systemic Coaching”

Adrian G. Tsukamoto
Corporate Officer, Executive Coach, COACH A (Hong Kong) Co. Ltd

Jun 4, 2015 (Thu) - 8:00am

HKSAR Series: Recent developments in the Hong Kong Legislative Council

Dennis Kwok, Legislative Councillor (Legal Functional Constituency)


Hosted By the Law Committee

Jun 4, 2015 (Thu) - 12:00pm

AmCham Women of Influence Committee Meeting (AmCham Members Only)

Hosted By the Women of Influence Committee

Jun 5, 2015 (Fri) - 12:30pm

#HeforShe: Champions of Change in the Workplace

*Julie Broussard, Head of UNWomen China
*Reid Marsh, Managing Director, Co-Head of Banking, APAC & Vice Chairman of Banking, Barclays
*Richard Nicoll, Chief Shopper Marketing Officer, Saatchi & Saatchi Hong Kong
*Lisa Moore, Research & Advocacy Manager, The Women’s Foundation (Moderator)

Hosted By the Women of Influence Committee

Jun 8, 2015 (Mon) - 8:00am

Monthly Networking Drinks

Hosted by Insurance & Healthcare and Trade & Investment Committees

Jun 8, 2015 (Mon) - 6:30pm

Washington DC Doorknock 2015

Jun 10, 2015 (Wed) - 7:00am

US-China Relations: Where to From Here?

David Shambaugh
Professor & Director, China Policy Program
Elliott School of International Affairs

Hosted By the China Business Committee

Jun 10, 2015 (Wed) - 12:00pm

[Members Only] AmCham Human Resources Conference Planning Meeting

Hosted By the Human Resources Committee

Jun 10, 2015 (Wed) - 4:30pm

Company Spotlight: Members Only Networking Session (AmCham Members only)

Hosted By the Communications & Marketing Committee

Jun 12, 2015 (Fri) - 12:00pm

The Future of Hong Kong’s Electricity Sector – The Industry View

* C.T. Wan, Managing Director, The Hongkong Electric Co., Ltd.
* Paul Poon, Managing Director, CLP Power Hong Kong Limited

Hosted By the Energy Committee

Jun 15, 2015 (Mon) - 12:00pm

Corporate Diversity Programs: Pitfalls & Opportunities

Su-Mei Thompson, CEO, The Women's Foundation Limited

Hosted by Women of Influence Committee

Hosted By the Human Resources Committee

Jun 16, 2015 (Tue) - 12:00pm

Lunch & Learn Workshop:" The Golden Rules of Selling"

Patrick Eng, Executive Consultant, Connect Communication Limited

Jun 17, 2015 (Wed) - 12:00pm

Demystifying the Cloud to Achieve a Strategic Advantage

Reginald Singh
Vice President for Asia, NetSuite

Hosted By the Information & Communication Technology Committee

Jun 18, 2015 (Thu) - 8:00am

A Case for Port and Vessel Emissions Reduction

Penny McDaniel
Manager, U.S. West Coast Collaborative, Greater China Ports Team
United States Environmental Protection Agency

Hosted by Environment Committee

Hosted By the Transportation & Logistics Committee

Jun 19, 2015 (Fri) - 8:00am

Economies of Scale – Challenges for Port and Airport Infrastructure and Operations

Dr. Jonathan Beard
Vice President, ICF

Hosted By the Transportation & Logistics Committee

Jun 23, 2015 (Tue) - 8:00am

Wealth and Succession Planning – Series I

* Alfred Ip, Partner, Oldham, Li & Nie
* Scherzade Burden, Registered Foreign Lawyer, Private Client Group, Oldham, Li & Nie

Hosted By the Law Committee

Jun 23, 2015 (Tue) - 12:00pm

New Member Welcome Cocktail


(AmCham Members & Guests Only, First-time Attendees Only)

Jun 24, 2015 (Wed) - 6:30pm

The Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Ordinance – what you need to know

*Vincent Law, Partner
*Tow Lu Lim, Partner
*Mark Stevens, Partner
*Hong Tran, Partner

Mayer Brown JSM

*Rachael Guan, Senior Legal Trainer and Legal Analyst, Mayer Brown JSM (Moderator)

Hosted By the Law Committee

Jun 25, 2015 (Thu) - 8:00am

Building Long Term Success through Organization Development Practices

Iris Cheng, Senior Human Resources Manager - Organization & Talent Development, Internal Communication, CLP Power Hong Kong Limited

Hosted By the Human Resources Committee

Jun 29, 2015 (Mon) - 12:00pm

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