China Business

Committee Co-Chair
Lili Zheng

Co-leader & Managing Director,
US Tax Services
Deloitte AP ICE Ltd
Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu

China Business Devin Ehrig.jpg
Committee Co-Chair
Devin Ehrig
Committee Vice-Chair
Tracy Wut

China Business works to enhance trade between the US and the PRC, using Hong Kong as a gateway. The Committee holds events and initiates activities that focus on doing business in China; it also maintains liaisons with Chinese business and government organizations.

Publications: China Business Directory (2008)

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2017 Events
Event Name
APR 24 2017
Neale O'Connor
Managing Director and Founder, Ricebox
MAR 08 2017
David Frey
Partner and Head of US-China Corridor, KPMG
Ambassador Clifford A. Hart, Jr.
Managing Director & Senior Advisor, Bower Group Asia
JAN 11 2017
Jamie Allen
Secretary General, Asian Corporate Governance Association
Ivy Wong
Special Counsel, Baker McKenzie
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