Transportation & Logistics

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Committee Chair
Gavin Dow

Breakthrough Group

The Transportation & Logistics Committee (TLC) provides insight and advocacy support that enables members to better engage with the industry, its current issues and future developments. In 2018 the TLC is focusing on 4 key themes, namely:

  1. Greater Bay Area Manufacturing: the customer / supplier
  2. Greater Bay Area Infrastructure Development: the hardware
  3. Hong Kong Trade Facilitation: the software
  4. Belt & Road Initiative: the supply chain

Working with other Committees and Chamber staff the TLC organizes presentations, panels, delegations and networking events to progress members’ understanding of priority issues and developments.

Watch the latest events video archive here (Members Only)

Public archives also available on AmCham's YouTube Channel

2018 Events
Event Name
JAN 10 2018
Simon Ng
Fellow and formerly Chief Research Officer, Civic Exchange
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