Financial Services

Committee Chair
Rebecca Terner Lentchner

Head of Government & Regulatory Policy, Asia Pacific

Michael Frank.jpg
Committee Vice-Chair
Michael Frank
FinTech Working Group Co- Chair

Government and Regulatory Affairs, Asia-Pacific
Thomson Reuters

FinTech Working Group Co-Chair

Director Government Relations, APAC
Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation

CR_Zhong Lun Law Firm_Peter Guang Chen-105-150.jpg
Taxation Working Group Co-Chair
Peter Guang Chen

Yang Chan & Jamison 勤信律師事務所
A member of Deloitte Legal


13. Wade Wagatsuma Partern KPMG China-105-150.jpg
Taxation Working Group Co-Chair
Wade Wagatsuma

Partner, US Corporate Tax

Financial Services offers input to regulators and legislators on issues, proposals, and pending legislation, and sponsors speaker programs to increase members’ awareness of key financial issues and developments in Hong Kong, China, the region and other key markets. The goal of the committee is to support the development of Hong Kong’s financial services sector (including fintech, taxation, and insurance) and its position as an international financial center.

FinTech Working Group

The FinTech Working Group keeps the AmCham community appraised of developments within the Financial Technology space, in particular as it relates to the relationship between Hong Kong and the United States. It serves as a bridge for American entities interested in the development of FinTech in Hong Kong. The FinTech Working Group leaders include:

  • Co-Chair: Daniel Warelis, Government and Regulatory Affairs, Asia-Pacific, Refinitiv
  • Co-Chair: Jean-Remi Lopez, Director, Government Relations, APAC, Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation

AmCham 2016 FinTech Forum highlights: [Article] [Webcast]

Taxation Working Group

The Taxation Working Group deals with a wide variety of tax matters related to doing business in Hong Kong and the PRC and focuses on the US taxation aspects of doing business abroad, including individual expatriate and corporate tax issues. Taxation leaders include:

  • Co-Chair: Peter Guang Chen, Partner, Yang Chan & Jamison 勤信律師事務所, A member of Deloitte Legal
  • Co-Chair: Wade Wagatsuma, Partner, US Corporate Tax, KPMG

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2020 Events
Event Name
APR 28 2020
Ellen Tong
Tax Director, Global Employer Services, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu
Thomas Chang
Senior Manager – U.S. Tax Services, Deloitte AP ICE, Ltd.
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