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As months of protests weigh on sales, corporate operations and the wellbeing of employees, almost half of the respondents to AmCham’s latest temperature-testing survey say they are pessimistic about Hong Kong’s long-term future.

Far from being in terminal decline, the opportunities for Hong Kong as a transshipment and maritime hub are limitless, says Modern Terminals' Peter J Levesque. All it takes is a change of mindset

Press & Media
The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, New York Times and South China Morning Post featured Chairman Robert Grieves' comments in their coverage

China Affairs
A lively AmCham delegation group met up at WeWork Shenzhen to witness how innovation and technology are empowering Greater Bay Area development.

Govt Relations
Hong Kong business groups are starting to worry the Trump administration will open the door to ending the financial hub’s preferential trade status, rendering it “just another Chinese city” as its government gets closer to Beijing.

Conferences & Events
Fashion director and chief fashion critic at the New York Times chats to AmCham’s Tara Joseph about the clothes we wear and what they say about us

Industry News
The nation struggles to balance development and economic growth with an ancient and widely held practice of venerating cows

Best of the beat
'As we enter this world of persistent and consistent tensions, business challenges are largely going to increase, especially as countries try to navigate how to deal with the push and pull of tensions in the US China relationship,' Medeiros said in a keynote speech at AmCham’s 2019 China Conference


Charitable Foundation
AmCham philanthropists gathered on November 9 at Crown Wine Cellars for the annual Charitable Foundation Dinner.