Member Spotlight


Name: Karrie Dietz
Job title: Head of School
Company: Stamford American School
Industry: Education
AmCham member since: August 2016

Where is home? How long have you been in Hong Kong?

I am originally from the United States, growing up in a small town in southern Minnesota, where the winters are cold and snowy. My husband and I have been living and working in Central and South East Asia for the past 17 years, most recently working at the Stamford American International School in Singapore as the Elementary Principal. We have also lived and worked in Thailand, Bangladesh and Uzbekistan. I have been working in Hong Kong for the past few months, preparing for the opening of Stamford American School in Hong Kong where I will be the Head of School.

What do you like most about life here?

I enjoy Hong Kong’s mix of urban and traditional culture, and natural beauty. I appreciate the contrast of busy lifestyles and opportunities to explore the outdoors. I’ve found people in Hong Kong to be welcoming and friendly, and I of course appreciate the variety of food too!

Describe yourself using three words.

Open-minded, caring, courageous.

If I wasn’t a business leader, I would be…

I would likely be in a math or computer science-related career. Math and computer programming were strengths and passions during my university years. I hope to provide opportunities for young learners to be empowered to pursue careers in STEMInn (science, technology, engineering, math and innovation).

First ever job?

My first job was in high school teaching swimming lessons – I would spend my summers at our local pool teaching children of all ages. This was a way to save funds for university and it was also my first experience as a teacher, without a doubt influencing my decision to eventually pursue a career focused on education.

Favourite piece of advice?

Identify what makes you happy and what is important to you, and spend your time doing this. For me, this has guided my career, relationships, and lifestyle.

Outside the office, what can we find you doing?

I could be in the Prince Edward neighborhood visiting the flower market, eating at One Dim Sum, or enjoying coffee and a good read at the Alchemist Café. If it’s a nice day on the weekend, I might be hiking with my husband, practicing golf or exploring areas of Hong Kong new to me. During breaks, my husband and I could be found on the roads overseas, completing long distance bicycle rides on our tandem bicycle.

Name something on your bucket list.

Visiting Iceland is a recent addition.

What attracted you to AmCham?

I joined AmCham HK to meet and connect with others, and to develop an understanding of and contribute to the development of Hong Kong’s business initiatives.

Which AmCham event are we likely to find you at next?

I look forward to attending the Women of Influence Conference & Awards. I’ve heard it is a great opportunity to celebrate the achievements of women across various industries.

My favorite AmCham experience

Carolyn DeRobertis
Senior Marketing Consultant, PwC

"My favorite experience at AmCham was being able to take part in a reverse mentorship program as part of the WOI committee. It was great to be able to partner up with a non-millennial to better understand how technology affects them and what they do to implement it into their daily lives, as well as give advice on how to keep it relevant for them... It was also great to get their insight on gender equality, work experience and also how to tackle conflict in the office. I am so glad I was a part of this program, and hope to see more like it in the future."