AmCham hosts successful annual Beijing “Doorknock”


Hong Kong – October 24, 2018The American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong (AmCham HK) has just concluded its annual Beijing Doorknock, during which a Chamber delegation travelled to China’s capital to meet with officials from government ministries and think tanks, as well as with officials from the U.S. Embassy. These discussions were closed-door events, conducted with the intention of sharing viewpoints and gaining a better understanding of issues that affect businesses operating in China. This year’s Doorknock was very successful, and yielded valuable insights.

This week articles have appeared in print and online that originate from one member of the delegation who spoke to members of the media without authorization. These published accounts are factually inaccurate, and present an incomplete view of the meetings that were held.

Please find AmCham’s key takeaways from this year’s Beijing Doorknock, as below –

  1. Beijing believes China can survive the ongoing trade war, and even find ways to thrive.
  2. China and the U.S. should work together to solve common global issues involving trade and technology.
  3. The U.S.-China relationship is very broad and deep, and the current tensions over trade and security are just two prongs of a multifaceted engagement process. Other aspects of the relationship remain strong and are functioning well.
  4. China believes it is taking appropriate steps to deepen economic reform and open up its economy and that this process will continue, driven by its own reasons and according to its own schedule, regardless of the trade dispute. While the pace may disappoint some, China feels a step-by-step approach is vital to ensure success and stability.
  5. The 40th anniversary marking the start of China’s economic opening up was brought up during several of our meetings. While no explicit details were given, delegates felt this suggested an apparent intention to show continuing momentum in the reform process around the December anniversary. 
  6. China increasingly views itself as the key defender of globalization in the world today. Economic opening is an integral part of the globalization process, and will continue to be a crucial driver of China’s economic and societal development.
  7. Hong Kong is an integral part of China and a key contributor to the Chinese economy, and that role and relationship should not be questioned. Beijing remains committed to the One Country, Two Systems principle under which Hong Kong is governed.
  8. Hong Kong has great opportunities to further prosper as the international gateway for the Belt and Road and Greater Bay Area initiatives.


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