AmCham HK Urges the Passage of Copyright (Amendment) Bill 2014

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The American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong (AmCham HK) urges for the passage of the Copyright (Amendment) Bill 2014 (the “Bill”).

Since the Hong Kong Government commenced public discussions around digital copyright reform approximately 10 years ago, AmCham HK has been actively advocating for updated copyrights laws to keep pace in the digital world. The outdated intellectual property rights protection renders the existing laws impractical and particularly irrelevant with the new digital developments.

Without sufficient intellectual property protection, the creative community, both U.S. and Hong Kong, is suffering from online theft and unauthorized distribution of their works. Eventually, creativity is stifled as we have seen the decline of the formerly thriving Hong Kong film production industry. We have also experienced a number of international media companies downsizing and/or relocating their regional headquarters out of Hong Kong. We cannot tolerate the reconsideration of Hong Kong as a regional headquarter by foreign companies due to its inadequate legal regime.

The passage of the Bill is not only a critical step forward improving intellectual property rights but also helps strengthen Hong Kong’s regional competitiveness. AmCham HK therefore urges all stakeholders, including the Hong Kong SAR administration, the Legislative Council, international and local business community, together with the wider community, to take a balanced and long-term view to support the passage of the Bill as soon as possible.

Ming-Lai Cheung (Ms.)
Director, Government Relations & Public Affairs
Tel:     (852) 2530 6927
Email: [email protected]





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