AmCham HK’s Delegation to Bangladesh

The American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong is leading a delegation of senior global and regional executives from the Apparel, Footwear and Textile sector to meet with Bangladesh Government officials on 10 -13 November 2012.

The delegation represents more than two dozens of brands and retailers, a substantial proportion of Bangladesh’s Ready Made Garment Export Value. These brands and retailers have expressed their interest in this delegation because they have grown their businesses in tandem with the substantial industrial growth in the country. The companies are very much interested in seeing this growth continue, with expectations that the overall quality and size of the industries can move to the next level of sustainable development.

The purpose of the trip is to develop an ongoing constructive dialogue and collaboration between the business sectors and the Government in achieving full potential for growth. The key near and longer term discussion topics include: middle-level management education and training, sustainable factory models, consideration of a periodic review of local minimum wage, and infrastructure developments.

The Chamber and the delegation members share the desires of the Bangladesh Government to achieve the long-term goals as employing more people, providing safer working conditions, and producing a broad range of excellent products. The delegation meetings will facilitate the building of a strong win-win environment mutually beneficial for the country as well as for the companies.

For inquiries, please contact Ms. Ming-Lai Cheung, Government Relations and Public Affairs Manager, by phone: (852) 2530 6927, or by email: [email protected].