AmCham 2018 Business Sentiment Survey

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“This new survey offers some honest views of international business executives, who remain enthusiastic about what Hong Kong can offer amid the fast-growing economies of Asia. The results show that the traditional advantages of Hong Kong as an international business hub are still soundly in place, and there is ample opportunity for it to evolve further as a global super-connector. They also show some concern whether the HK government can adapt to the pace and scope of innovation required for success in the current environment.” 

Jack Lange, AmCham Chairman

"HONG KONG is a bastion of open and fair markets, good governance and the rule of law, all of which combine to create a vibrant and open society. This combination is the bedrock of this city’s extraordinary rise into one of the world’s truly global commercial hubs. Excellent infrastructure, the deep pool of world-class professional services, and our role as a nexus for China and Asia trade are another special mix that adds to Hong Kong’s unique set of competitive advantages.

In our new annual Business Sentiment Survey, AmCham’s members have clearly signalled the great value that the international business community places on these attributes. But there is no time for complacency. The survey shows concern that the government is becoming more opaque and less efficient. Some factors are beyond HK Chief Executive Officer Carrie Lam’s control – such as U.S.-China ties or Beijing policy uncertainties. Nonetheless, we hope Hong Kong leaders take note of the concerns and project a lightning bolt into Hong Kong’s role as a super-connector that makes this Special Administrative Region of China the jewel of Asia."

- Tara Joseph, AmCham President

"TIMES of great change present a challenge for both governments and business leaders plotting a course through uncharted territory. At such times, it is essential to step back, survey the terrain and silence the noise from news and social media, marketing and rhetoric. We were delighted, therefore, to partner with AmCham in creating a new annual survey to gauge the concerns, hopes and expectations of Hong Kong’s international business community. This, our first, sets important benchmarks: As the biggest international chamber in Hong Kong, the views expressed in this survey are a valid and genuine representation of the global business community."

- Markus Scherer, Consulting Director, Ipsos Business Consulting

Photos: Chris Hoare via Creative Commons/Flickr