AmCham Welcomes Hong Kong’s Smart City Blueprint


Hong Kong – September 13, 2017The American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong welcomes the HKSAR’s Smart City Blueprint Report for taking into account views from the international business community to move the government towards a more collaborative and bottom-up approach in fostering an eco-system for its Smart City development.

“We are very pleased that a number of key recommendations that the chamber presented have been reflected in the Smart City Blueprint Report, acknowledging that innovation of this generation is boundaryless, involving cross-sector and cross-discipline collaboration,” said Chairman Walter Dias.

“It is good news that our recommendation for a high-level steering body to formulate strategic directions and KPIs of policy implementation, as well as to facilitate inter-government coordination have been mentioned,” Dias added.

AmCham was invited to submit its views by the Office of Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO) during the Smart City development blueprint consultation in February. Some of the Chamber’s recommendations have been reflected in the Smart City Blueprint Executive Summary report.

AmCham’s Smart City Submission to the OGCIO (Feb, 2017)

Report of Consultancy Study on Smart City Blueprint for Hong Kong (Executive Summary)

AmCham welcomes the key recommendations in the consultancy report adopting views from the international business community:

  • Collaboration and bottom-up participation – more people-centric, and high level of coordination across the public and private sectors and encouraging participation from all stakeholders
  • The setting up of a high-level steering body for strategic directions and guiding implementation such as the Smart City Steering Committee (SCSC)
  • Setting KPIs for Hong Kong’s smart city development
  • Setting standards for Hong Kong’s smart city development
  • Coordination among policy bureaus as Smart City is cross-sector and interdisciplinary with the SCSC to be chaired by the Chief Secretary for Administration or the Financial Secretary
  • Encouraging public-private partnership

Hong Kong has a unique position to connect with Southern China, Asia and the rest of the world in its Smart City opportunities, which American businesses are excited about. AmCham congratulates the government’s efforts in laying out a vision, missions and upcoming implementational goals in the six areas to transform the city’s economy and moving towards greater environmental sustainability.

AmCham established its Innovation and Technology Committee in April this year with strong participation and involvement from America’s leading tech industry players. The Chamber will continue to be a thought leader and voice for its members on the opportunities and challenges faced by business in Hong Kong’s Smart City development.

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