Digital Disruption: Fake News and its profound impact on our world


On June 27th, the Women of Influence Committee of The American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) hosted a riveting panel discussion on the pressing issue of fake news. The event featured a distinguished panel of guest speakers including Kristie Lu Stout, Anchor and Correspondent at CNN International and Yumiko Ono, the Asia Digital Editor at The Wall Street Journal who were moderated by the Chamber’s very own Tara Joseph, the AmCham President.  

From fake news being used as a political tool by leaders, to the dangers of relying on social media as one’s sole source of the news, the discussion fleshed out the dark side of fake news as evidenced by the recent Pizzagate incident.

Nonetheless, the panelists remained optimistic. Social media was championed as a communication channel for journalists to engage with their readers and vice versa. Furthermore, the plurality of news sources was advocated as an opportunity for readers to assess the quality of the news and form their own conclusions. Readers left the discussion with greater insight and understanding in media literacy and the significance of evaluating news sources based on its ABC – accuracy, balance and credibility.