Generation Y(oung professional)


Committee Spotlight: Young Professionals - A quick chat with YP committee chairs, Jamie Ford and Yanjun Chen

What are some issues facing young professionals today?

We think many young professionals are worried about ageism, career growth, flexibility, and finding a balance between purpose and profession. 

How can young professionals discover and reach their full potential in the workplace? 

Engage with colleagues from different departments for a wider understanding of the company’s culture. Connecting with your colleagues also allows for the exchange of insights — personal and professional — which can be useful for career development. Working with people from different generations, cultures and backgrounds can also broaden your perspective. This is invaluable for young people just starting their careers or anyone trying to better position themselves in the workplace.  

It is also important for YPs to utilize educational and social opportunities provided by the company, be it funding for a conference or graduate classes, or CSR/fundraising opportunities. 

What are the YP committee’s goals in 2018? 

Our goal is for the YP committee to serve as a community touchstone and an incubator and catalyst for ideas that pertain to YPs and beyond. Because we are not affiliated with a particular industry focus, we have the opportunity to touch upon many things that are relevant to YPs and the business world.

Case in point: We held an event on June 14th about the potential impact of the U.S. mid-term elections. This was recommended and spearheaded by one of our very own members, and we were excited to hear what our speakers had to say.

As a community touchstone, we hope people new to Hong Kong, as well as those not so new, will think of AmCham and the YP committee as an opportunity to meet other like-minded young (and young at heart) professionals to chat about relevant topics and events... be it business or beers!