Highlights of Trade in the Trump Era, Mar 8


From surprises to predictions, trade policies in the Trump Era have been keeping the audience busy to make forecasts and manage expectations. As President Trump has begun to implement his policy program, there are many questions that companies need answers to – including the US approach to two of its key trading partners, China and Japan, as well as the overall US approach to the Asia-Pacific, both economically and geopolitically. What will be the reactions of governments in the region to these new policies and atmospherics? And how should businesses position themselves? What role does Hong Kong play?

On Mar 8 we are delighted to host a group of deeply experienced panel of speakers who gave their take on the most-pressing questions, what businesses should pay attention to and what is simply background noise, and how geopolitical risk can be managed and company profits and supply chains protected.

Definitely a dynamic discussion and great insight from an extraordinary panel with Trade in the Trump Era - stay tuned for more of the AmCham Trump Series