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Hong Kong – June 9, 2017 – The American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong (AmCham) celebrated the 20th anniversary of the handover of Hong Kong with American businesses, the expatriate community, local young elites, and top officials from the HKSAR, United States and Mainland Chinese governments on June 8. 

“We see the ‘One Country, Two Systems’ framework being a successful model for maintaining a favorable business environment for international businesses, and expect the new administration under Mrs. Carrie Lam to carry on Hong Kong’s unique strengths under the Two Systems and continue to make this fantastic city the champion in world competitiveness,” said AmCham Vice Chairman Mr. Jack Lange.

“Hong Kong’s transparency, rule of law, and commitment to free trade under the One Country, Two Systems framework are key factors that attract U.S. companies and talented people here.  This environment has created the conditions for the American Chamber of Commerce and for American businesses to thrive and contribute to the success of this great city,” said US Consul General Mr. Kurt Tong.

Mrs. Carrie Lam, HKSAR Chief Executive-elect noted, “as the next Chief Executive of the HKSAR, I am duty-bound to safeguard those core values and traditional strengths of Hong Kong, not only for the 7.3 million population but also for all of the international business community which has taken Hong Kong as a place for doing businesses.”

“It is my foremost duty to ensure the ‘One Country, Two Systems’ will continue to work and those core values – freedoms and the rule of law – will continue to be Hong Kong’s cornerstone,” she continued.

Mrs Lam welcomed more U.S. companies using Hong Kong as a place for their regional headquarters and their regional offices riding on China’s Belt and Road initiative as well as the development of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Bay Area.

The event featured a video and a booklet of past AmCham chairmen reflecting how they have loved and valued Hong Kong as a special city that many still see as home today. Founded in 1969, AmCham has played an active role in the history of economic development of mainland China and Hong Kong.

With diverse membership comprising both international and local members, AmCham will continue to be a voice for American and international businesses to ensure the core values and business ethics contributing to the city’s success remain intact, and act as a bridge between Hong Kong, mainland China and the U.S. to foster trade. Part of such efforts is the annual Washington Doorknock this month, where senior chamber members gain the latest insight from think tanks and decision makers in Washington DC.

Apart from the world-record breaking rope skipping team’s live performance at the event, AmCham invited 2016 Miss Hong Kong Louisa Mak to share her experience as a young astronaut trainee in the United States, and Miss Rosy Yang, a beneficiary of the AmCham Charitable Foundation, to share how an AmCham scholarship has affected her education path.

In addition to small-scale scholarships to support HK-U.S. education links, the Charitable Foundation – partnering with the American Women’s Association since 2006 – has provided financial assistance to around 50 smaller charities that focus on helping children, elderly and underprivileged groups with health and special needs.


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With close to 1,600 members, the American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong (AmCham) is one of the largest American Chambers outside the United States, the largest international chamber in Hong Kong, and one of the most dynamic and influential international business organizations in the Asia-Pacific region. AmCham’s mission is to foster commerce among the United States, Hong Kong, and Mainland China; and to enhance Hong Kong's stature as an international business center.