Hong Kong regulator sets rules for sale of uncompleted overseas property for the first time


The regulator of property agents in Hong Kong has issued guidelines for the sale of uncompleted overseas properties by local agents following repeated complaints by buyers, a move supported by companies in the sector.

The Estate Agents Authority issued a practice circular on the sale of uncompleted properties situated outside Hong Kong after numerous complaints about such properties not being completed and the misrepresentation of property information by agents, said Horace Cheung Kwok-kwan, chairman of the Practice and Examination Committee at the authority.

The guidelines include: a requirement to confirm the existence, legal rights and capital of the seller; provision of local legal advice; warnings about the risks associated with the purchase; legal and warning documents for buyers; no use of promotional language that gives the impression that the purchase is safe with easy and high returns; and not making any assurances about mortgage terms.

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