Latest Talks Extensive, Promoted Mutual Understanding, China Says


In a Thursday morning statement, China’s Commerce Ministry said the just-concluded round of trade talks with the U.S. were extensive and established a foundation for the resolution of each others’ concerns.

Both parties, the Beijing ministry said, agreed to maintain close contact.

Here’s the full three-sentence statement, as translated from Chinese by CNBC:

From Jan. 7 to 9, China and the U.S. held discussions in Beijing at a vice-ministerial level over the issue of trade. Both sides enthusiastically implemented the important agreement of the heads of both countries, and held broad, deep and meticulous discussions on shared observations on trade issues and structural problems, laying the foundation for addressing areas of common concern. Both sides agreed to continue to keep in close contact.

The U.S. side had issued its own statement earlier in the day, noting a long list of outstanding issues, but also recognizing that China had pledged to purchase “a substantial amount of agricultural, energy, manufactured goods, and other products and services from the United States.”

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