Press release: Fugitive Offenders Ordinance

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Hong Kong – March 29, 2019 – AmCham acknowledges and appreciates the government's efforts to listen and respond to the very extensive feedback from the business community on the proposed new extradition arrangements. 

However, as residents of Hong Kong and representatives of the international business community here, we continue to have serious concerns about the revised proposal. Those concerns flow primarily from the fact that the new arrangements could be used for rendition from Hong Kong to a number of jurisdictions with criminal procedure systems very different from those of Hong Kong – which provides strong protections for the legitimate rights of defendants – without the opportunity for public and legislative scrutiny of the fairness of those systems and the specific safeguards that should be sought in cases originating from them. We strongly believe that the proposed arrangements will reduce the appeal of Hong Kong to international companies considering Hong Kong as a base for regional operations.

Hong Kong's international reputation for the rule of law is its priceless treasure. We therefore again request that the government consider alternative, more narrowly tailored means to address any truly urgent extradition-related issues facing the Hong Kong community, while allowing for all others a deliberative process worthy of the vital interests at stake.

Media Enquiries:

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Director, Government Relations & Public Affairs

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Manager, Government Relations & Public Affairs

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