Newly Appointed Chairman Robert Grieves Lays Out AmCham's Key Priorities for 2019


From new business opportunities, to strengthening initiatives in healthcare, education and technology sectors, Chairman Robert Grieves shared a whole host of key priorities for the year ahead at the AmCham Chairman Inauguration event.

Grieves, who previously served as AmCham Vice-Chairman in 2018,  emphasized the Chamber’s commitment to strengthen its leadership position in Asia and continue efforts to advocate for international business in 2019.

Here are the 5 major priorities highlighted at the inauguration event:

  1. Sharpen advocacy efforts in both Washington and Beijing
    Grieves noted that advocacy on behalf of Hong Kong is more important today as the city faces increasing pressure from both Mainland China and Washington as a result of the tit-for-tat trade war.
    “We look forward to a strong delegation of business executives joining us to make our cases clear and convincing as possible to lawmakers on capital hill,” said Grieves. 
    The Chamber will also seek to bring more US officials to Hong Kong in the coming year.
  2. Strengthen collaboration between AmCham and the Hong Kong Government
    The Chamber will focus on opportunities to cooperate with the local government in various sectors, including healthcare, education, environment and urban design.
    The historic ‘Greater Bay Area’ initiative, touted as the “economic growth engine”, will also be a key priority in the year head.
    “We at the Chamber look forward with member firms to seize opportunities as they arise,” said Grieves.
    The mega zone is set to catapult the city into a navigation, trade and transport hub and create unique business opportunities.
  3. Continue to keep an eye on US-China Trade relations
    “The Sino-US trade war grinds on with not visible end in sight,” said Grieves. Members of specific committees will continue to pay close attention to the dispute, particularly the issue of tracking illegal imports of US technology to China through Hong Kong.  
  4. Further emphasis on Housing
    The cost and availability of affordable housing in the light of the Lantau land reclamation scheme will be observed closely and further explored through presentations and seminars in 2019. The large-scale development project was launched by Chief Executive Carrie Lam in her policy address last year.  
  5. Changes to the US global taxation regime will be closely monitored
    “US Global taxation regime for US citizens working in Asia must be changed,” said Grieves.
    Last year legislation was introduced in the US house of representations that would change taxation of US citizens around the world. Experts think the legislation has little chance of being enacted this year. AmCham will examine the details and implications of this legislation.