President's Memo


AmCham Hong Kong has started its 50th year anniversary celebrations with a bang: We’ve renovated our office after diving into our archives to find colorful photos of our storied past, we’ve hosted the annual summit of American Chambers from across Asia, and we held a one-week interactive exhibition celebrating our dynamic history at the Rotunda smack in the middle of Exchange Square. Next up: The AmCham Ball, which promises to be one heck of a party thanks to our chosen theme Motown.


But in my mind, the best is yet to come. Along with celebrating the past, our theme this year is investing in the future. For me that means nurturing a strong pipeline of future chamber leaders and continuously making sure our communication methods reach the younger generation of talent.


I’m excited to announce we’ll be rolling out two new initiatives this year targeted at building a more substantial intergenerational mix.


The first is a new competitive program AmCham Future Leaders, where we will provide rising executives under the age of 35 the opportunity to focus on building the leadership skills and professional connections they’ll need to lead into the future.


This select group will gain exclusive access to the businesses and leaders that are driving Hong Kong’s economy, join chamber activities and become members at the end of their course. If you have someone to nominate from your company, stay tuned for our official launch which we will be announcing any day now. We’ll be selecting our first cohort in June and the program begins September.


Our second plan to invest in future talent is through incentivizing our most active companies to add additional members under the age of 35 at a discounted “NextGen” price.


Now, all of this does not mean that we do not highly value our veteran and C-suite members. To the contrary. High-level discussion, sometimes behind closed doors, is a valuable part of the chamber. That will not change.


My hope is that by the end of this 50th anniversary we will have both strengthened and modernized the chamber to play a key role in this most dynamic of cities, which many of us call home.