Starbucks promises coffee delivered to your doorstep


After Starbucks launched its latest mobile ordering feature in Hong Kong earlier this month, its executive director believes the next step for city coffee fans is to have their Starbucks order delivered straight to their doorstep.

Norbert Tan Kwong-kin, who is also responsible for Macau, said: “It's not a question of if we will do it, it's a question of when. Delivery is a big space that we're looking into.”

While he declined to give a specific timetable, Tan said that if and when Starbucks does enter the home delivery market, it was imperative to impart the "Starbucks experience".

"There are many things to think about. The drink temperatures have got to be just right – you can't deliver a frappucino that's completely melted," he said.

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