Straw poll of members on extradition bill: results

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Dear Members,
We took a straw poll starting the evening of June 12 to gauge the temperature of your feelings on the proposed extradition bill.
As I am sure you are well aware, the tension over the debate was then at its height – and at the same time, myself, Chairman Robert Grieves and a delegation of AmCham members were in Washington for our annual Doorknock meetings with lawmakers, senior congressional aides, officials from the administration and policy analysts from top think tanks.
AmCham’s leadership felt it important that we took a gauge of your opinions to help guide our advocacy efforts in Washington – as well as at home. 
I would like to thank all of our members who completed the questionnaire – which I would like to emphasize was not intended as a scientifically rigorous survey of our membership, but a quick gauge of the strength and range of opinion in the AmCham community.
While recognizing the inherent flaws in any outcome from the poll, I also feel that members would welcome an opportunity to review the results, which you can find below. 
We welcome your feedback, as always,
Tara Joseph
AmCham president