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In view of the coronavirus outbreak, here are our precautionary measures at the Chamber.
January 30, 2020

The American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong wishes you a Happy Chinese New Year! We hope you have a wonderful long weekend ahead with your family and...
January 24, 2020

As we enter the new and challenging year of 2020, AmCham's Chairman Robert Grieves delivers his speech on AmCham's Key Priorities in 2020.
January 24, 2020

Former US Consul General Kurt Tong provides a comprehensive take on the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act and the future of Hong Kong's autonomy.
December 09, 2019

AmCham respects the passing of the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act as a renewed expression of America’s fundamental interests in Hong Kong.
November 28, 2019

US Senate passes bill threatening sanctions and Hong Kong trade status, raising chamber concerns about unintended consequences
November 20, 2019

'As we enter this world of persistent and consistent tensions, business challenges are largely going to increase, especially as countries try to navigate...
September 20, 2019

A welcome reception for the 31 applicants selected marked the beginning of 10-month leadership course of workshops, training sessions, panels, and industry-visits....
September 12, 2019

New travel advisory warns that US citizens and consular employees have been target of Chinese propaganda campaign accusing US of fomenting unrest. If you...
September 07, 2019

The global sports industry is marred by glaring inequality. As their audiences and revenue-pulling powers increase, are women finally closing the gender...
August 30, 2019