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Far from being in terminal decline, the opportunities for Hong Kong as a transshipment and maritime hub are limitless, says Modern Terminals' Peter J Levesque....
August 30, 2019

This past Wednesday, AmCham President Tara Joseph joined Diana Wu David and John Siu to equip 60 full-time MBA students from HKU to become professionals...
August 09, 2019

Steve Vickers offers his assessment of the risk posed by ongoing political and social divisions. The SVA founder will discuss the implications for business...
July 31, 2019

President Tara Joseph pictured during a Bloomberg TV interview on July 29, just one of the many times the chamber was cited
July 29, 2019

Members warn that immediate government action, concessions needed to find long-term cure for city's divisions, before damage becomes irreparable
July 26, 2019

Recently departed Consul General makes compelling case for why the city should matter to Washington... and Beijing
July 24, 2019

'Contemporary China has always been a paradox of fear and hope – for the Chinese people themselves and for the world,' says the Brookings Institution senior...
July 15, 2019

Sir Gordon Wu of Hopewell Holdings speaks on the past, present and future of China's Greater Bay Area
July 03, 2019

As Sunday's deadline for applications passed, AmCham faced an embarrassment of riches, says President Tara Joseph
July 03, 2019

Three recent achievements help further cement city's position as Asia's leading global financial and commercial center
June 27, 2019