Tour of Chinese Healthtech Companies in Shenzhen


With the “Healthy China 2030” Blueprint Guide released in 2016, China has made developing its healthcare sector a national priority. The healthcare industry is expected to surge both in healthcare products and services, thanks to the Central Government’s support, rising individual wealth and an ageing population.

Neighboring Shenzhen, an area packed with companies devoted to healthcare innovation and technology, is poised to provide you with the best up-to-date intelligence into the industry. What are the new trends emerging in the healthTech sector across the border that you cannot offer to miss? How can these developments translate into business opportunities for multinationals?

Great thanks to our participants, partners and staff, on Mar 29 AmCham successfully held an one-day Shenzhen tour to visit several Chinese HealthTech firms.

Led by AmCham President Tara Joseph, the delegation visited the following companies:

  • Shenzhen HarMoniCare Women and Children’s Hospital - affiliated with Harmonicare Medical Group, China's largest private hospital chain specializing in women and children healthcare and was listed in Hong Kong;
  • iCarbonX –a China-based artificial intelligence company for personalized health management.
  • BGI - a leading global genomics organization headquartered in Shenzhen 

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