Continued Learning

Food fanatic? Discover the secrets of Chinese wok cooking with a hands-on lesson. Or, take the plunge and learn Cantonese. Whatever your interest, Hong Kong is full of opportunities to learn new skills for business or leisure. Many continuing education and executive-level education options are also available here.

Short Courses by Special Interest

If you’re employed full-time and are only looking to dabble in a new pastime, a short course or series of classes may be for you. All courses mentioned below offer classes in English unless otherwise specified.

Learning Chinese

There are more than 50 dialects spoken in China, but the traditional written characters are the same for all. The characters are pronounced differently in every dialect.

Chinese Language Centers

There are several Chinese language institutes and centers where you can set your own pace studying part-time, weekends or evenings.

Universities in Hong Kong

There are 20 degree-awarding higher education institutes in Hong Kong. 

Study Opportunities

In Hong Kong there are four main categories of tertiary institutions: universities funded by the University Grants Committee, self-funded or private institutions, public institutions, and institutions that award certificates up to the sub-degree level.

Business Schools and Executive Education

Hong Kong boasts some of the world’s top business education programs, and senior executives fly in from all over the world to study here.

Continuing Education

There are a number of universities in Hong Kong offering continuous education courses without prerequisites.

Leadership and Management Training

Whoever said soft skills can’t be taught in a class simply hasn’t been to the right one. Below are a few organizations offering courses on leadership, management and general people skills for the workplace.

Professional Business Certifications

Hong Kong’s vibrant financial industry attracts thousands of job seekers each year. If you are one of them, help yourself stand out from the crowd with one of the following professional certifications.