Practical Matters

You’ve done all the research and can’t wait to start your new life in Hong Kong. The only thing left to do is get there! This chapter covers the practical aspects of moving to and living in Hong Kong.

Getting to Hong Kong


Things you need to be aware of.

After Arriving

Tips for settling down after arrival.

Hong Kong Smart Identity Card

The Hong Kong government requires anyone over the age of 11 who enters and intends to stay for more than 180 days to apply for a Hong Kong Smart Identity Card (ID) within 30 days of arrival. Young people between the ages of 11 and 18 must have a Juvenile Identity Card, and people over 18 an Adult Identity Card.

Paying U.S. Income Tax

If your Hong Kong employer is a U.S.- based company, they may withhold U.S. Social Security and income taxes from your regular salary. Confirm this when you begin your work here. If your employer is a Hong Kong company, they typically do not withhold any taxes from your salary, either for U.S. or Hong Kong taxes.

Other Legal Matters

Discovery of Hong Kong Legal Issues when Moving to Hong Kong

Accessible Hong Kong

While accessibility standards in Hong Kong aren’t yet on par with those observed in other developed nations, barrier-free facilities and services are available at many of the city’s more established attractions, restaurants and accommodations.

The following organizations are useful resources on the topic.

Good To Know

Basic Phrases, addresses, numbers and apps.


Weather Conditions and Warnings

The Hong Kong Observotory will put on signals to indicate different weather conditions. This is to provide a guideline and warning for the public.

Chinese Names of Streets, Building and Hotels

You can find names of iconic streets, buildings, tunnels, pier and hotels in Hong Kong.