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Leadership Forum

Leadership Forum membership includes premium benefits for companies.

Unlimited memberships for your company employees, exposure opportunities, and access to exclusive events, amongst other benefits.

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HKD 61200 / 12 months

Corporate level membership with up to 5 members

HKD 19800 / 12 months

For representatives of startups and entrepreneurs with teams less than 10. This package comes with two memberships.

HKD 7650 / 12 months

Membership for Academic Institutions. Up to 3 members.

HKD 14790 / 12 months
Not for Profit

For registered not-for-profit organizations.

HKD 2550 / 12 months
Employee of a Member Company

This membership is for individuals only

An Individual membership for employees of an AmCham member company with no open membership slots.

Contact us to see if you qualify for this membership:

HKD 3570 / 12 months
Young Professional

This membership is for individuals only

A personal membership for those under the age of 35. Please provide proof of age.

HKD 2800 / 12 months