Working with Us

Internship at AmCham

AmCham welcomes interns who are passionate about current/world affairs and aspire to be an agent of change. The Chamber’s events and advocacy topics cover an extremely wide range of issues, offering students great exposure and a chance to experience work life in a fun and dynamic environment. In the past 3 years AmCham has been hosting internships from local and overseas universities. These young and smart individuals add great energy to the office and provide valuable support to our work.

What our interns say:

Working as an intern in AmCham HK is definitely a life-changing experience! Not only I have gained new knowledge related to my academic studies (i.e. American Studies), but also acquired hands-on experience beyond the textbook. It is my pleasure to be one of the members of the Social Media and Communication Team in which I am able to unleash my potential and develop creativity. Thank you so much for this precious opportunity and I hope to see my colleagues again in the future!
Christine Kung (Jan - Apr, 2021)
American Studies, HKU
Working at AmCham amidst the fast-changing socio-political environment in Hong Kong is an invaluable experience. Through conducting various research on the latest policies such as the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act and National Security Law, I gained so much insight on how US-Hong Kong relations would affect the international business community. AmCham provided me the opportunity to meet different important business professionals, which expanded my knowledge of the field and prepared me to work in the transnational and culturally diverse world.
Hebe Wong (Feb-Jun, 2020)
American Studies, HKU
Beginning my internship during the escalation of U.S. - China trade tensions and in the midst of the extradition bill debate, I was provided the opportunity to engage first-hand with the issues that were being covered on the front page of the news. In one month, I crafted talking points for our upcoming D.C. advocacy trip, researched the conflicting perspectives regarding the Fugitives Offenders Ordinance and sat in on meetings with U.S. congressional staffers. AmCham allowed me to better understand Hong Kong's growing role in Asia Pacific; it is the optimal place for anyone seeking opportunities in international affairs.
Ian Wong (May – Jun, 2019)
American Studies, University of California, Berkeley
My internship at AmCham has been fruitful and rewarding. AmCham has given me opportunities in utilising my study and understanding America from another perspective. Through working on government affairs and advocacy, I gained knowledge and insights on the latest business trends and varieties of social agendas. The internship allows me to meet professionals in multiple backgrounds which exposed me to various field. The journey with AmCham certainly enhanced my skillsets and prepared me for my future career.
Ka Wai Sarina Yuen (Jan – May, 2019)
American Studies, HKU
Interning at AmCham during a dynamic time where the socio-political climate has been changing rapidly has been exhilarating. Through this internship, I was able to gain first hand insights on the transpacific politics while understanding the mechanics of the business world, especially within the region of Hong Kong and China. This invaluable opportunity allows interns to build an extensive network, experience a blend between the social and corporate advocacy, and create strategies that keeps Hong Kong relevant and sustainable. If you are looking to be an advocate of change, interning at AmCham is a vital hands on experience.
Lamia Sreya (Feb - May, 2019)
Double Majoring in American Studies & Criminology, HKU
Few organizations seem to accord as much faith in its interns as AmCham. In one month I visualized data, crafted an entire document with policy recommendations for the government, attended a conference on Hong Kong's Smart City initiative, zipped around Central interviewing various professionals, contributed to press releases, advised businesses on regulatory conditions, and met new friends as well as the most welcoming staff. Racking your brain every step of the way, AmCham throws you straight into the maelstrom that is international affairs.
Ariq Hatibie (May - Jun, 2018)
Double Majoring in Global Affairs and History, Yale University