Energy, Environment, Social & Governance Committee

The Energy, Environment, Social, and Governance (E-ESG) Committee helps members navigate the complex local and global trends in Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG), as well as on the Energy industry through advocacy, thought-leadership meetings and special events.

The Committee aims to help members identify responsible business opportunities and to promote corporate citizenship more broadly among AmCham members and the Hong Kong business community. We can help you identify the value in CSR by connecting existing or possible future initiatives to their business and community roles in society.

Environment & Sustainability issues are important to AmCham members, not only because they affect an increasing number of companies with business activities in Hong Kong but also because for many members, Hong Kong is their home. A more liveable city means not only a better environment for family and friends but also one more likely to attract new talent to live and work here to help grow businesses. Key issues include ESG reporting, reducing the carbon footprint of our city and throughout business supply chains, energy efficiency, water & waste management, single-use plastics, air quality and protecting the natural environment. Other topics of interest to the Committee include clean energy supply and technologies, digital solutions for the industry, local and global regulatory issues for energy, green financing as well as smarter buildings and the opportunities and challenges of the low-carbon transition in Hong Kong and the Mainland.

Our Committee intends to support the Chamber and its members to interact with government and other key stakeholders on advocacy issues and policy submissions. We also aim to create a platform to connect members on these issues (companies, social enterprises, NGOs and Foundations) so you can find greater opportunities for mutual collaboration.

Committee Chair
Senior Director – Planning & Development
Committee Chair

Genevieve Hilton

NGO & Sustainability Advisor
Committee Vice-Chair

Hans Leung

Senior Manager, Corporate Communications
Committee Vice-Chair

Thomas Lui

Associate Director – Decarbonisation Architecture