Innovation & Technology

AmCham Innovation & Technology (I&T) Committee is an excellent platform for members to learn more about the latest trends, share best practices, and generate thought leadership about innovation and technology. We work closely with our members, bring in start-ups, collaborate with other AmCham Committees and the Board of Governors to be the voice of innovation and technology for the Chamber. Its mandate is as follows: 

  1. Build a thriving and diverse I&T community in Hong Kong. Involve American, local, and international start-ups, SMBs and multinationals.
  2. Share innovation best practices, successes and processes amongst members of the Committee.
  3. Organize events relevant to the Committee, AmCham, and Hong Kong I&T sector. Help connect the entire Hong Kong I&T community.
  4. Generate I&T advocacy, policy, and thought leadership. Share with Hong Kong and US Governments, and others where appropriate.

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Committee Co-Chair

Todd Bryan

Committee Co-Chair
Manager for Illicit Trade Prevention