Innovation & Technology

AmCham Innovation & Technology (I&T) Committee is an excellent platform for members to learn more about the latest trends, share best practices, and generate thought leadership about innovation and technology. We work closely with our members, bring in start-ups, collaborate with other AmCham Committees and the Board of Governors to be the voice of innovation and technology for the Chamber. 


The premier society for the advancement of innovation and technology providing unparalleled benefit to AmCham members.  


  • Drive the development of the Innovation and Technology ecosystem in Hong Kong, regionally, and globally.
  • AmCham Innovation & Technology Committee to be the desired “marketplace” for ideas, innovation, discussion, debate, showcase and connectivity, to activate the changes required to ensure continued positive growth of our economy.
  • Change the paradigm of youth education to C suite and startup to IPO/MNC. Focus on direct impact through projects and mentoring and vibrant coordination of Education, Businesses, NGO’s, Government, Individuals and Societies.  
  • Contribute to the future of AmCham, bringing in new members, introducing and reinforcing new mindsets, leveraging our international resources to make AmCham a known strength for our community.

Objectives for following year:

Three priority programs:

  1. PayPal SMB/Startup Centre of Excellence
  2. Innovator’s Circle
  3. Women in Tech, and Education/Development, spanning across priorities 1 and 2

Want to get involved or have a great idea for the committee to cover? Contact Charlie Chan, Senior Account Manager at to learn more!

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Committee Co-Chair

Alice Li

Head of AMH WPB Digital Lead
Committee Co-Chair

Michelle Chui

Head of Government Relations,Hong Kong,Taiwan & Korea

James Cunningham

Director of Business Development and Sustainability