Sponsorship & Speaking Opportunity

​Speaking Opportunities

By conducting some 300 programs a year, AmCham is recognized for its outstanding list of prominent speakers and conferences.

AmCham continues to deliver the most informative and illuminating seminars through panel discussions, speeches pertaining to today's global market, and various hands-on workshops. With this mission in mind, AmCham allows speakers to increase their profile and their company's brand exposure, exchange ideas with a distinguished audience, stimulate interaction, and network with other AmCham members and guests.

Sponsorship Opportunities

At every event, AmCham invites guest speakers of distinguished career backgrounds, which in turn allows sponsors to be exposed to a high profile audience and media. Known for its professionalism and flexibility, AmCham offers sponsors the opportunity to have a significant presence as well as raise awareness of the company image and reputation.

AmCham proposes a wide range of sponsorship opportunities at events ranging from conferences and seminars to luncheons, and from cocktail parties to the annual ball. Sponsorship can come in a variety of presentations that will fit your marketing needs and budget.


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