AmCham Temperature Testing Survey on Expats in Hong Kong

Hong Kong, with its historic reputation as a diverse business hub highly favoured by expatriates, has seen an unprecedented number of expatriates leaving or planning to leave the city over the past few years. The international business community in Hong Kong has recently been caught at a crossroads, with rising concerns about issues such as US-China tensions and high living costs being at odds with the many benefits of Hong Kong’s key business offerings.

In light of this, the Chamber surveyed its wide collective of members to anonymously capture sentiment. 325 responses (24% of membership) were recorded between May 5 and May 9.

"In this latest flash survey our membership anonymously answered questions and gave comments showing the anxieties they feel, both personally and professionally after a tough few years.  While people share their love for living in this dynamic city, they also reveal growing underlying tensions and nagging fears,” said Tara Joseph.

“AmCham is dedicated to remaining in Hong Kong for the long haul. We believe many businesses will have strong opportunities to thrive in the future. Right now though, it’s easy to worry about a brain drain of top talent and skills in a gateway city that is fuelled by trade, international capital flows and global connectivity," she continued. 

Key points:

  • The survey shows 58% of respondents have no plans to leave Hong Kong, while 42 % of those surveyed say they are considering or planning a move away.
  • The most widely shared concern was discomfort due to the National Security Law, although other key issues were prevalent in members’ minds

​​​​​​​Based on the survey results, AmCham strongly suggests that the government pay close heed to the sentiment of expatriates in Hong Kong and work towards allaying major concerns through stronger understanding of Hong Kong’s international talent, lest the city lose competitiveness versus other business hubs.

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